Gecko Daily Routines You Should NEVER Forget To Do

So you have a pet gecko? That’s great! Now what? While it’s going to be a fun-filled adventure, you need to do certain things ever day to make sure that your pet remains healthy and happy. In exchange of the joy it brings you, you really want to give the love back by providing it with all its needs.

Don’t worry. The greatest thing about geckos is that you don’t have to spend so much time overseeing them. You don’t have to give them a bath, cuddle with them, or walk them like we normally do with dogs and other domesticated animals. You simply have to ensure that your pet is being fed with the right food at the right amount and its environment remains suitable.

Nonetheless, it’s still going to take a little bit of your time. So if you’re a very busy person that you don’t even find enough time for yourself, you shouldn’t have a gecko. But if you’re willing to do your part as the pet owner, then read on.

Clean and Healthy Environment
The secret in keeping geckos happy is providing them with an environment that is very close to their natural habitat. Geckos typically live in the forest where there are lots of trees, wild plants, and of course – insects to feed on. Misting the tank is also necessary. Remember, in tropical rainforests, it is always humid. If you’re in a cold location, you really have to come up with a heating system for your gecko especially if you’re raising Tokay geckos. For young Tokay’s, you need a 10 gallon tank and you keep them all together in the same container. For adults, you need 20 gallon tank and there should only be one male inside each tank. Tokay’s are strictly nocturnal so you need to put some cave-like structures, pebbles, stones, and other stuff that would make its environment close to its real habitation. There are geckos that can live in colder environments and there are those that live in desserts so you need to have some reading to come up with the tank that is most appropriate for your pet.

Feeding Your Pet
How often should you feed your gecko? Well that depends on the type of gecko you have and what kind of food you feed it. If it’s Tokay and you’re feeding it with crickets, it’s okay to feed it every other day. You may want to coat the crickets with vitamins (which you can buy from pet store or a veterinary clinic) so your pet receives enough nutrients it needs. An adult gecko can be fed with 10 crickets every other day. If you prefer to feed it with pinkies or other larger insects, your gecko will stay full in a week. It’s best to feed them during afternoon from 4pm to 5pm when they’re starting to get active. Remember, they’re nocturnal beings.

See, it’s not really time-consuming to own a pet gecko. Just a small amount of effort from its master and the gecko will grow happy and healthy!