How to Make Your Local Business a Household Name

 Scripture tells us to not be weary of small beginnings. Another supporting adage is that much comes from little. Presently despite the struggles of our nation’s economy business is booming yet for some. If you are a local business owner and are interested in becoming more known at large, consider the following!

Simple Promotions

If you have not instituted coupon giveaways into your yearly activity calendar, this is a great way to reach masses that would otherwise ignore what your business has to offer. Most know the benefits of coupon shopping, whether it involves getting a car wash or buying ink toner for a copying machine. Incorporating coupons into the equation can ultimately produce profit if successful as you bring in new business, old business, and keep loyal patrons happy!

Market Research

Customer service surveys or customer satisfaction surveys are valuable resources in knowing the lasting effect your business or service has on consumers. As a senior at UNCW a local museum was the subject of a telephone survey project my promotions class had to conduct. We had to cold call so many individuals and get their opinion of the museum. Thereafter we compiled a report for a grade, but ultimately this was to benefit our local museum. Speaking of which, that museum is yet thriving today!

You may think this is too costly for a local grandma or grandpa shop. However, making voluntary surveys that your customers can complete while waiting, on their way out, or mail in can be prioritized in your budget. The feedback will pay off in the long run! There are tons of templates for survey on the trusty web or you may wish to contact a local advertisement agency or small business bureau for free information available.


When you see the following what comes to mind?

Pillsbury Dough Boy

Green Giant

Burger King King

Ronald McDonald


If you replied Pillsbury brand, Green Giant foods (Betty Crocker), Burger King, McDonald’s, and Geico you were absolutely correct! Brand recognition for a local business can have a tremendous effect for a boost in sales, loyalty, and credibility. Developing a mascot for your local business can help establish that local brand recognition.

Think about your local high school and about how the cheerleaders root on the team and keep the crowds hype whether good or bad competition. Many times a mascot is the added benefit who also stirs the team spirit and fan hoopla!

Developing a mascot is not done over night. However, if you propose this as a part of a revised business plan, all parties involved can certainly brainstorm a prototype of some sort for starters.

Feature this mascot on Fridays outside of your business, near Holidays, during parades, on flyers, coupons, or even that customer service/satisfaction survey! Customers or potential customers will associate the brand of your business or service with that mascot and remember when it comes time to make a purchase decision.

Charity and Community Involvement

When is the last time your business wrote a check in charity to the local food kitchen, orphanage or group home, or local church that is involved in community outreach? Not only are you following the principles of sowing and reaping, but you are further broadcasting your service or business to the otherwise unbeknownst.

Sponsoring Christmas Basketball tournaments is another way to get your name before many. Granted there may be co-sponsors or you may can only provide a donation, yet your name will be displayed as a contributor.

In closing, local businesses are not yet an endangered species, but they face much more hardship in today’s economy as never before. Local business owners, stay encouraged and take every opportunity you have to further your capital, longevity, and credibility in the eyes of your patrons. I hope that my suggestions will behoove you to increase in success!