Innovation, Evolution and Change Should be Driving Factors of Your Business

If you own or operate your own business perhaps, you realize that change is not the enemy. Even chaos is not the enemy, as there is plenty of opportunity in chaos and change, well, for those who are smart enough to look for it. Whether it is management or marketing, change happens and it is your job to foster change into a prosperous evolutionary process that drives your business and allows for innovation.

Indeed a talking Gecko may not workout forever, as sometimes you have to change your message. You see, “I have some really good news… I just saved a bunch of money by switching…”

Think about it for a second, “Change is the only constant” and Einstein was really right on that. Businesses evolve, they go from one stage to another, rule breakers to rule makers, from fly-by-seat-of-your-pants to structured, and so too does simplicity build complexity. It just is, but if you understand that at the root level and you “get” the philosophy behind it all you can maintain the “fluidity of motion” and remain nimble.

You can stay number one, you can change if you are on top of your game. Excuses, procrastination, hypocrisy, bureaucracy are the only true evil. So, fight the good fight, focus and ditch the fear. And you will feel young again and your company will soar. How do I know all this? Well, for 27-years I rocked my industry and created change and took advantage of the changes that were thrust upon me, so can you. Something to contemplate in 2008.