More About Professional Leopard Gecko Breeders

Leopard gecko breeders are still the best way to get your very own designer lizard. Although pet stores are often more accessible and even cheaper at times, you’d be surprised what a difference buying from a professional breeder makes. Read on to learn more about buying from professionals.

Store vs Pro

There are many advantages of buying from a pro but some of the most important reasons are the quality and health of the animal. Pet stores will breed for money and profit which almost always goes against the animal’s best interest. Some lizards will even be taken straight from the wild, leaving any diseases and unwanted wild characteristics in the lizard. You can never be sure if the lizard is healthy and disease free. Add to this the fact that you can never be sure about the lizard’s genes. If you’re new to the world of designer lizard pets, it is important to note that producing a quality designer animal takes more time and attention than the average pet store can provide.

Signs to Check For

If you want to make sure you’re buying a healthy animal, check its tail, eyes, vents, and nose. Any orifice should be clear of any discharges. The tail should be fat since the lizard stores its extra fat in its tail. The skin should also be free of any unusual bumps or sores. They should move without difficulty and be active and alert, not lethargic or lazy. Also, look out for strange smells or odors. A healthy lizard can live up to 20 years so you can also check the age of the lizard you are getting.

The quality of the color and pattern of the animal is really up to you. Just remember that you’d want to select the animals that you think would produce offspring that exhibit the qualities that you like. It is important to ask about the animal’s lineage to know what kind of genes they are carrying. Know that not all traits or qualities pass on directly to the young. For example, buying a breeding albino won’t ensure you get albino babies. That particular trait is said to be recessive, meaning it won’t always show up even if the animal carries the genes for it. Discuss with your leopard gecko breeder the genealogy and lineage. You’d be surprised how many ‘morphs’ or varieties you can produce.


Pet stores won’t take the time to tame their lizards, which can prove disastrous if you plan to keep them as pets. A professional bred lizard is usually tamed by comparison. They are used to human contact and will take to being handled a lot better, essential if you plan to breed them yourself.

The Pros

If you need to get in touch with some quality professionals in the lizard world and more info about the practice of breeding, a good place to start may be with Ron Tremper, one of the most well known and established pros in the business today. You can also try Both sites contain info as well as offer lizards for sale.